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Community Eats at Brentwood Library

Our Toronto¬† Arts Council residency at Brentwood Library is well underway. April spent the first couple of weeks talking to library visitors about their fondest memories related to food. So many stories! Winnie spoke to April about climbing the fruit trees in her parents’ garden in Trinidad (only when her father wasn’t home!). Donna remembered eating jigg’s dinner in Newfoundland, and having a boil up on the beach – a jigg’s dinner cooked over the fire, with boiled lobster to go with it. Agnes described going fishing with her father on a floating bridge, sinking in water up to her ankles whenever a car would come over the bridge. And it turns out that many people have very fond memories of meatballs.

On Wednesday afternoons Leah has been running drop-in workshops, where artists of all ages have been making block prints and collages, taking inspiration from the stories we have gathered so far. Our art book is beginning to take shape. Two more weeks of workshops, November 1 and November 8; 1-3pm and 4-6pm. Come on by and visit us at Brentwood!